Coming this September

The 2022 New York City Subways calendar is here !

This is what you should expect to see as color images for this calendar:
  • January: R 40's in snow storm at Ditmas Ave (Feb 1969)
  • February: BMT W Types approaching Gun Hill Rd (Feb 1956)
  • March: IRT Lo-V's approaching Whitlock Ave (Feb 1964)
  • April: Track gang and work train near Pelham Bay Park (Mid 1950's)
  • May: IRT MUDC car at 239th St yard (Mid 1950's)
  • June: BMT R-16's on Jamaica Ave "el" over Van Wyck Expwy (June 1963)
  • July: Two BMT Standards' (AB's) at Central Ave (Aug 1968)
  • August: IND R7/9's on Broadway Brooklyn "el" (May 1968)
  • September: R-38's passing Smith 9th St (Sept 1968)
  • October: Interior view of new R-32 (October 1964)
  • November: R-10's & R-42's at Bay 50th St (Nov 1974)
  • December: R-12's at 3rd Ave "el" 149th St in snow

Rear cover features a rare Subway Sun from the mid 1930's

To order your copy, just click on the NY Transit Museum below and follow the link.

2020 Calendars SOLD OUT
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