Coming this September

Announcing the 2020 New York City Subways Calendar

Here's what's in store for the 2020 edition:

January: R-15's on the #7 Flushing Line at 52nd St station
February: Delivery of new R-32's On Car Float in East River
March: Delivery of new R-36 World's Fair cars on freight in Ohio
April: MUDC's on 3rd Ave “el” at 34th St. station
May: Repainted Red R-10 outside 207th St shops
June: 1939 World's Fair cars at 149th st & 3rd Ave station
July: R-27's at Kings Hwy station Brighton Line (M) line 1965
August: R-6-3 (A) train at Broad Channel station
September: Overhauled R-38's approaching Broad Channel station
October: Red R-16's at 30th Ave station Astoria line
November: Q Types assigned to the 3rd Ave el in the Bronx
December: New R 40's in test service at Sheepshead Bay station
Back Cover: Rare new service notice for (NX) line 1967
Inside cover: Lo V's at Ditmars Blvd station in service & Lo-V's passing by original Yankee Stadium

You can order your copy at the NY Transit Museum online store. There are thumbnail images you can view.
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Missed the train? Copies of the 2019 edition are still available.
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