1998 Alternate Covers

1998 Alternate cover #1

1998 Calendar

The 1998 calendar posed a situation where four images of R1-9 equipment were to be used. The first photo to be considered was set in the Rockaway's at Hammels Wye. The second at Avenue H station of the Brighton Line. The third image was the approach to the Williamsburg Bridge. And the last was at Smith-9th St. on the (F)(GG) line. The Smith-9th St. image won out with the pre- World Trade Towers view of lower Manhattan. The black and white covers displayed was for reference purposes whose images if chosen would have been in color.

1998 Alternate cover #2

1998 Alternate cover #3

2001 Alternate Covers

Original cover

2001 Calendar

For 2001, we experimented with the title letters in an arched fashion... However, placing the letters horizontally was the final choice.

2011 Alternate Covers

Original cover

2011 Calendar

As a silent tribute to the World Trade Center’s Twin Towers, the 2011 calendar repeated the concept of having the Twin Towers appear somewhere in each months images, as done in 2003. The June image was the original front cover and the front cover photo pegged as June’s. After the cover graphics were done, I felt that the image didn’t have the “punch” or impact as the original June image of R-42’s on the Williamsburg Bridge approach. The swap was made and I felt I succeeded in presenting an outstanding front cover.

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