In the spring of 1992, I formed Newkirk Images LLC. I always knew there always were neat railroad and trolley calendars, but no subway calendars. The field was open, so why not give it a shot.
 Next thing was to name my company. I first thought of Brighton Line Productions, since I lived near the BMT Brighton Line. But that name sounded too cinematic. So I settled on Newkirk Images LLC, named for the Newkirk Ave. station of that line.

The first calendar, the 1993 edition, measured 11 x 8 ½ inches, meant to hang on a wall. That size continued through the 1995 edition. For 1996, the size format was increased to 12 x 9 inches that continues today. The images I chose for the calendar over the years were to be of the not your every day or rarely seen photos. I always tried to portray the largest rapid transit system in the world in a positive light and make it interesting.

Since the winter of 1992, over twenty thousand calendars were published that graced many walls and office cubicles. I take pride in that, as I also take pride for being in business publishing and marketing a subway calendar, something not of the ordinary but unique as well.

Bill Mangahas

I was seven years old when my father took this picture of A/B “Steels” entering the Newkirk Avenue station. As memory has it, I pestered my father to take a picture of the train, but he steadfastly refused. I must have got to him so he gave in to photographing the train with his Rolleicord twin lens reflex camera.

Pictured left to right is my brother Michael, cousins Joseph and Maria. I chickened out and was camera shy, but was standing next to my dad who recorded the snapshot.

Photo: John P.  Mangahas July 1958