2018 New York City Subways Calendar

Front cover.....R-11's at Dean St. station (1965)
Inside cover pg 2....JFK Exp "Take The Train To The Plane" ad
Page 3....BMT Bluebird layup at BMT Fresh Pond Yd. (1955)
January.....1939 WF cars, IRT Pelham Bay line entering Buhre Ave. (1954)
February.....D-Types at 8th Ave. BMT Sea Beach Line (1954)
March.....IRT Gibbs Cars and “Hedley” Hi-V's at 238th St. / B'way (1956)
April....R-4 #484 and others over Williamsburg Bridge Plaza (1972)
May....(#7 Flushing Line) (aqua blue-white)R-36WF, (red) R-36ML and (maroon) R-17 at 45th Rd .- Court House Sq. (1965)
June....Red R-1 & R-21 layup at E.180th St Yd. (1970)
July....(First time since 1995) C-Types at Atlantic Ave station
August....Panoramic view of IRT Jerome Ave. Line seen from rooftop overlooking Cross Bronx Expressway
September....R-42 & red R-27/30 (QJ) mix at Sheepshead Bay sta. (1969)
October....R-38 (GG) Smith-9th Sts. (1966)
November....R-27/30 & R-32 (TT West End) layups at East NY Yd. (1966)
December....IRT “Hedley” Hi-V's at South Ferry station (outer loop) before installation of platform gap fillers and fluorescent lights (1955)
Back Cover....Subway Sun poster advertising arrival of 400 new R-17 cars

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